Ecosystem Wallpaper

Get a Stylish Earthy look with Ultrawalls Ecosystem wall papers.

Are you a responsible citizen of the world who is continuously looking for ways to protect the environment? No matter how small a step we take in this direction,it all adds up. If each one of us consciously works towards protecting the planet then there definitely will be a positive change. Green is not just stylish and trendy but is a much more responsible and mature way of life. After all we need to remember that we have only this one planet to live in and if we choke up the air, the water, the soil, cut off the trees and introduce dangerous chemicals and pollutants into the ecosystem we will definitely have to pay the price- even if we get away the future generations will have to pay for our mistakes. There is a wise observation which says that “forests precede civilization and deserts follow them”-the Indian Thardesert is a case in point.

At Ultrawalls we believe we have a duty to our Mother Earth and our Ecosystem Wallpaper range is a unique effort in that direction. We are perhaps one of the select few Ecosystem Wallpaper Supplier in Delhi, who caterto this niche market.

Let us explain what Ecosystem Stylish Wallpaper for Room are all about.

The current wall papers for the mass market are normally PVC coated vinyl wall papers which have some extraordinary properties. They are durable, tough and extremely long lasting. The coating also makes them water proof, moisture proof, abrasion resistant. Most of them have been treated to make them mould and fungus proof. All of these factors make them immensely popular and most of all they come in a wide range of price options. But when there are so many benefits there are also some draw backs. These are not eco-friendly options. PVC carries known health risks and in addition these wall papers use glues which can be toxic. The paints and colours and materials which are used are not bio-degradable. The process of manufacturing, packaging is also not conscious about minimizing waste and using eco-friendly options. All this can be disturbing factors to a few who have more responsible viewpoint.

The Ecosystem wall papers are an effort in the Green direction.

The factors which set them apart can be linked to the raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and the disposal of waste systems.

The basic fibre comprises of recycled paper and water based or organic inks. Some companies use paper from certified sustainably managed forests. Both these factors make the product bio-degradable thereby reducing the need for landfills when they are disposed of.

Secondly there is no chemical coating of Vinyl or any other substance. Usually they are clay- coated to increase durability.

The glue which is used is also made of eco-friendly material.

These ecosystem friendly wall papers are silk-screened by hand on clay-coated paper.

A conscious effort goes into ensuring that waste is minimized and whatever can be salvaged for later used is kept aside.

Aside from the manufacturing and production the packaging material which is used is also environmental friendly and biodegradable.

All the above make it free from toxic materials and is ideal for a healthy setting like children’s rooms. But these wall papers can be also be stunning style statement with their chic-earthiness and unique feel , texture, and look.

The Ecosystem wall papers by Ultrawalls cater to a select category of clientele and their exclusiveness makes them a bit pricier than the other commonly available option in the market.

But a higher price is well worth the raw feel of nature and the unique earthy appearance which adds an extra dimension to your wall. So go green today and see your neighbours go green with envy!