Walls are the face of any house. It reflects the personality of the owner. Lately in our country, home decor has evolved to that extend where people from small towns are taking references of designer homes while doing their homes.

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Festive season is just round the corner, and this is the time when people in our country take time out to refurbish the look of their homes. Normally most of them opt for the traditional way of paint or whitewash. But lately there have been an apparent sea of demand in natural wall papers. Modern homeowners are becoming more and more open towards wall papers.
No matter how expensive and lavish look furniture you have, until you have a wall that can enhance and complement its beauty, it will all be dim. That means focus should be on walls foremost. And that starts by deciding what will go on your walls.

What will go on your walls?
Natural wall papers and paints, both have their fair share of pros and cons. It’s very crucial to decide and decide correct otherwise you will end up making one super expensive mistake.
Are you fighting a battle between paint vs natural wallpaper in your head? Let us help you select better.

Why choose wallpaper over paints

Long lasting –

A properly installed wallpaper can last up to 4-5 years. They have super high sustainability and reliability
Paint lasts for maximum 4 years that to on a well-prepared surface, still they need a touch up every 2 years.
Cost –
The initial installation cost of wall papers is compatible to the cost of paint. Just the saver is, wallpaper doesn’t need any touchup, but paint need a touch up every 2 years.
Appearance and Finish –
There is an absolute break though in digital prints in recent years. Now we have endless variety of wall papers, be it colors, patterns, designs or even paper quality. Materials like suede, velvet, fabric, vinyl, embossed-texture finish are much in demand. It is very easy to create textures using wall papers.
Whereas in paints it’s difficult to blend colors and create one exclusive appearance. This will also take a lot of time and it’s clumsy as well.
Looks Classy –
Wall papers are not new to India just that in its initial days. Only royal families used them, and you still can see a lot of designer wall papers in vintage designs and patterns in many places across India.
Paints get flaky and fall off the wall with time. It needs a touch up from time to time to keep its sheen and freshness.

No more just papers…they are personality

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Wallpapers, serves as the perfect solution to transform any space without much efforts. At Ultra walls, it’s our endeavor to bring the most exquisite and creative wall papers in their latest collection of designer wallpapers that could suit your taste and personality. All these carefully selected wall papers will sure up grate your home decor and add grandeur. We have a great collection for creative places like, coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes.
kid’s room. For kitchen and bathroom where the usage if water and liquids are in abundance and the possibility of moisture is at its max, we have an exclusive collection of waterproof wall papers in amazing colors, patterns, and designs. Living room is the most visited place in any house. For living room, we have 3D and embossed wall papers exclusively imported.
For kid’s rooms we have an extensive collection with beautiful and soothing colors and patterns, specially designed while keeping in mind their likes and interests. Designs like space, marine, cartoons, jungle theme, toys etc. are in high demand.
For dining room, we have vintage style wall papers with patterns and colors from Victorian and Mughal era.
We have a separate collection of PVC wallpapers and plastic ceiling tiles on special demands from our loyal customers.

Most Popular Designs:

Floral – Amazing colors, stunning patterns, and gorgeous look
Geometric –Psychedelic and mind boggling Natural – Tropical, scenic, Landscape Bricks – Rigged, Rustic and Old-world charm

Washable – Squeaky clean
Wooden – Warm and luxurious
Golden – Classy, immortal and royal

Walls paper has the power to set the tone for the entire home. Give your every room in your home a timeless look, keep it classic with Ultra Walls latest collection of designer decorative wall papers.
Buy wallpaper online from an exquisitely curated collection of beautiful wall coverings from Ultra Walls. We have kept the target wallpaper price in mind so come and explore a wide variety of wallpapers that just matches your style and budget right. With home wallpapers from Ultra Walls set up an appealing backdrop for your home decor and for all the cherish able moments that you plan to spend and share with your family and loved ones.
Ultra-Walls one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of designer wall papers.


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