Polaris 3 Wallpapers by Ultrawalls

Polaris 3 Wallpapers by Ultrawalls

Our company, Ultrawalls, is among the top few brands in the wall paper segment. Over four decades ofexperience in this field has given us the expertise and confidence to deliver the very best to our ever growing numbers of loyal clientele. We are based in Delhi but our business spans clients across 70 plus cites and town spread all over India. We have a way of doing things which has helped us to grow- maintaining ethical codes of doing business with our clients, absolute professional, keeping our commitments, competitive pricing and last and most importantly a range of up- to- the- minute quality products. We have our own in-house manufacturing set -up but we know that it is essential to have the latest trends from across the globe in order to satisfy even our most discerning customer and to this end Ultrawalls is a major bulk importer of Korean, Chinese, and German wall papers.

We are stockists of Polaris 3 Wallpaper, Korean manufacturers, in Delhi. The brand Polaris 3 Wall Papers have an absolutely top- of –the- line range and no matter what you are looking for , you are sure to find it with us since we are a major Polaris 3 Wallpaper Korean ,suppliers In Delhi.

The Polaris 3 Wallpapers of Korean origin is the latest in the market offering the most up to date technology in this sector. An all-encompassing range having an array of styles, designs, finishes, and textures make them extremely popular across all segments, whether residential or commercial. The colour palette has everything, from the muted to the exuberant, styles which range from the trendy to the traditional and antique, and textures looks that emulate every known surface that you can think of.

The PVC coating of these vinyl wall papers contribute to the aesthetic appeal by giving then a visually appealing mute lustre. But aside from aesthetics these wall papers are extremely long lasting-the average age being 15 years. The coating makes them scratch proof, abrasion proof, moisture proof and resistant to water. An anti- bacterial treatment makes them resistant to fungus and mould. Exposure to sunlight does not have any dulling effect, and in addition to this they are easy to install, and removal when required is also fairly simple. Wall papers may seem a bit more expensive initially when compared to paints. But paint need to be redone after 4-5 years whereas wall papers can go on for triple that duration of time making them much more cost effective and hassle free. Secondly although paints have many new technologies to deliver an array of colours and finishes, but it can never ever match up to the possibilities of a wall paper.

Come to Ultra walls today and let us help you create walls which give a new dimension in your living and working spaces.