Primo Wallpaper

Primo wallpapers – the prime choice for walls!

Our company Ultrawalls has been in the business of wall papers for over four decades. This gives us an edge in understanding the latest trends in the field and enable us to offer to you the very best products and the latest range, at prices that are affordable and pocket freindly.

We believe that walls are spaces for creativity. To us they are much more than a sum of bricks, held together with cement and then painted over to serve the primary purpose of dividing spaces. That is too prosaic and too mundane for us. For us walls do not divide, rather they bring together the essence of a space in wonderful ways. The walls of a space encompass a way of life, they are a part of the drama of daily living. They are witness to the varied moods and feelings reflected in a range of living spaces-the home, the office, hotels and restaurants, shops and at schools. At ultrawalls we truly understand that walls too need distinct personalities to highlight or blend in with the drama of life being played out within its confines every day and every moment.

Primo Wallpaper are amazing when it comes to giving walls a distinct character. Theses state-of-the art wallpapers are part of our ongoing endeavour to bring to you the best, the trendiest and the latest.Primo Wallpaper Manufacturing is based abroad in Korea, and we are one of the leading importers and Primo Wallpaper Suppliers in the country.

The range of designs, textures and colours have to be seen to be believed! Classical, modern, traditional, contemporary, artistic, chic, and just about anything else that you can imagine. . In addition, they come in a variety of surface finishes to emulate the look and feel of stone, textiles, brick, plaster, wood, and so on. These PVC coated wall papers are perfect for homes as well as offices and any other commercial spaces.

Primo Wallpaper for rooms are an especially good idea when you take into account their special advantages. Aside from an extraordinary range of deigns and textures, the PVC coating gives it a finish which makes it pleasing to the eye. Being water resistant makes them very easy to maintain. Just a swipe with a wet soapy sponge makes them as good as new. Primo wallpapers are scratch resistant , do not fade in the sun ,an anti-bacterial treatment makes them resistant to fungus and moulds, and are extremely durable and can last for years and years. In fact you may get bored of the same wall paper and want to change it but there will not be any deterioration in your wall paper for about 15 years at least!

So whenever you make the right decision of going for Primo wall papers to dress up your walls we will be happy to see you at our Ultrawalls office!