Renovation Wallpaper

Let your walls become a canvas – go for Painting wall papers

Are you are thinking of giving your house or a commercial space that you own a complete makeover? Then you must be wondering what all renovations will be required. Perhaps you are thinking of changing the entire look and getting new furniture, if the renovation is going to be big time then perhaps you are considering structural changes. Perhaps you are thinking of giving your walls a facelift- maybe you are toying with the idea of wall papers? Then where walls are concerned we have some ideas we would love to share with you.

You see all of us at Ultrawalls have been in the business of turning walls into pieces of art, for over four decades now. We understand that every space has a unique feel, and everything in it tells a story. The colours you choose for your walls, the type of furniture, the various knick -knacks strewn around a home are like souvenirs in life’s journey. Then again if you are a commercial space owner, perhaps a restaurant which is theme based the creativity potential is limitless.

Wall papers can add a whole new dimension and if you go through our Ultrawalls Wallpaper Archives you will know exactly what we feel about walls.

Wall papers are an extremely good idea if you want to hide minor imperfections on your walls. Using paint over minor dents etc. on walls will not really be effective. Renovation wall papers can do the trick very easily and literally hide all imperfections to give a stunning, smooth new look. Then again if you are already using wallpapers and some minor issues like bubbling etc. have come up, then getting it fixed can be done in a jiffy. Or if you wish, you can remove it altogether to install a brand new wall paper look. Stripping off old wall papers, or installing new wall papers are a relatively simple task especially with the new variety of wall papers and in the long run wall papers are much more durable and cost-effective compared to paints. The new varieties of PVC wall papers are as good as new even after 15 years of installation.

You see wallpapers are amazing, they can give warmth to a space and personalize it in a way that way that paint can never ever do and if you go for a painting wall paper the effect can be mind- blowing. Can you visualize what a whole wall covered with a painting can do for the atmosphere of a room. Obviously getting a real artist to paint something of that scale will cost you a bomb and maintaining it will be totally impractical. But a painting wall-paper can step in to do the job. Suppose you are the owner of a Mediterranean themed restaurant, and then imagine the whole length of your restaurant having a painting of the blue- green oceans, white beaches, crisp blue skies and a light house to add to the romance of it all. Does it not take your breath away! This was just one idea, we have plenty more and we sure you do too. So visit us at Ultrawalls and see your walls transform into an art gallery!