Top 5 Reasons to use Wallpaper Instead of Paint

Why you should choose Wallpaper over Paint

There are several ways to decorate or redecorate any walled space. Adding wallpapers to walls is becoming more popular than the traditional method of applying paint. There are several reasons, ranging from having the freedom to explore different styles to the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options. For those who need a little or more validation, here are some great reasons to add wallpaper to your walls instead of paint:

  1. Apply, Modify, Remove Easily
    Unlike paint that requires so much set up and an intensely careful approach, wallpapers are easy to install. You don’t need anything more than any apt wallpaper, or wallpapers, and a wallpaper adhesive to install the same on an apt wall. Moreover, wallpapers are easy to remove too, hence, making them easier to be replaced with other wallpapers in the future for renovation or redecoration purposes.

  2. Available in Different Materials
    There are so many different wallpapers builds, including Beaded glass, metallic, grasscloths, etc, to choose from. Each type of material used in wallpapers has distinct advantage over other types of wallpaper materials.
    For instance, beaded glass and metallic wallpapers bring a huge gleam to the wall they are applied to, while grasscloths wallpapers are available in striking and lively designs. Moreover, highly textured wallpapers uplift the overall ambience and feel of any area of application.

  3. Durable and Easy to Clean
    Wallpapers outlast paint in terms of durability and the ease to clean them. Unlike paint, wallpapers are free from the risk of chipping off and dents. You need not make them undergo touch-ups like paint.
    Moreover, wallpapers are super easy to clean. You can make use of household items to remove dust, stain and other marks from them. Instead of purchasing chemical cleaners, you can use some water and a little of mild detergent to get the job done effectively.

  4. Improved Wallpaper Technology
    Wallpaper technology has come a long way from being just plain paper and glue system. Thankfully, wallpapers are a lot faster and easier to apply to a wall now. Geometrical wallpapers and 3D wallpapers are the embodiment of advancement in wallpaper technology.
    There is just so much variety in wallpaper technology, giving you the flexibility to choose the most effective ones for your cause.

  5. Visual Appeal
    Yes, wallpapers outshine paint on the visual level too. There are just so many visual experiments that you can accomplish using wallpapers. The great variety in the visual appeal of wallpapers makes them ideal to set different moods in different walled spaces. There is a variety, ranging from imagination to timeless, of elements that you can add to a walled space with opportune wallpapers.
    It often happens that the colour you see in the paint might not be the actual tone you get. However, this is not in the case with wallpapers, as you get what you see. Wallpapers allow you to compliment various interior decoration themes, ranging from contemporary art to rustic and traditional interior.