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3D wallpapers have been around for quite some time now. The concept of a 3D wallpaper revolves around images that can be brought to life in many ways. Ultra Walls has perfected the art of creating masterpieces in the form of 3D wallpapers that never fail to enthrall anyone who looks at them. But no, that was not enough for us. As the leading wallpaper manufacturers and suppliers in India, we wanted to put in extra effort to bring something totally unique and mesmerizing to adorn the walls of your home.

Enter the 4D wall paper, an even more exciting offering from Ultra Walls. Our exquisite range of 4D wallpapers will surely leave you spellbound. Lending an artistic look to the walls, our 4D wallpaper collection features really unique and eye-catching prints and patterns that can create a kaleidoscope of emotions on the walls.

We offer high-quality 4D Wallpapers for the most affordable rates in India. Our 4D collection will suit any kind of wall, be it uniform or rugged, and easily hide away holes, seams, stains and any other flaws that may otherwise make the wall look unsightly. It is time you let go of old patterns and prints as you move towards a more modernistic approach to decorating your home with our range of unique 4D wallpaper collection.

Choose from over hundreds of images or select your own image which you wish to see on the wall. Ultra Walls will take your suggestions and come up with a mind blowing wallpaper design tailor-made for you. Our level of customization is unmatched by others and has given us a clear edge over the competition.

Want your favorite superhero to pop out of the walls? Or want one of your favorite pictures to be transformed into 4D wallpaper? We can do it with utmost ease. Whatever you ask for, Ultra Walls will ensure to deliver it to the best of its ability.

If it’s 4D wallpaper you want, it’s Ultra Walls you need to choose. Here’s why.

You have privileged access to the latest designs and trends

As our customer, you will get access to the latest and trendiest 4D wallpaper collections in the market. Our team of dedicated design experts travel around the globe to bring back some of the most enthralling collections of wallpaper which are immediately added to our catalog. This ensures that you get up to date, interesting designs that have not even reached the market yet.

Our products and services are cost-effective

Our services are available online, meaning you can purchase wallpapers at a fraction of the cost you would pay for the same in a brick and mortar store. We offer free shipping as well, thus allowing you to save plenty of money on shipping fees and other transport costs. We remain the premier suppliers of cost-effective wallpaper for rooms, offices and other buildings in India.

We offer highest quality 4D wallpaper

Our 4D wallpapers come with seamless joints that offer a flawless look for your room. Any cracks or seams in the wallpaper can be easily covered by pasting leftover wallpaper of a matching pattern over it. We never compromise on the quality of our wallpapers. Our range of 4D wallpapers is made of the finest quality fabrics, ensuring you get a wallpaper that does not fade or tear with time.

We are backed by several years of experience and expertise

We have over 50 years of experience in the industry. This has allowed us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the different factors that influence customers and their purchasing decisions. We strive to improve our product range and services continuously to exceed customer requirements at each and every step of the purchase. It is this dedication that has made Ultra Walls the most trusted place in India to buy affordable and high-quality 4D wallpaper.

4D wallpaper can truly make all the rooms in your home pop out in vivid colors and patterns. You will be making a safe choice by opting for Ultra Walls to join you in the process of transforming your home for the better.