Different Types of Wallpaper Materials


Different Types of Wallpaper Materials

If you have decided to put the home decor wall paper in your room instead of the wall paints then you must also be wondering which material is the best. Here is some insight into different types of wallpaper materials.

Standard Papers: Now these are the cheapest wallpaper materials available in the market. Although they are pretty cheap they are definitely not of bad quality. Especially if you have the eye for the right colour and patterns you will definitely be able to make your room look good even with these wallpapers. However, it is true that these wallpapers do not look as elegant as their expensive siblings. Also, they are not exactly known for their durability. The installation process is pretty simple and you may not face any difficulties if you are a little careful. If DIY is what you want then make sure that you do not pull the paper too hard or you may end up tearing it.

Vinyl-coated: As the name suggests, these are the standard material wallpapers with an extra layer of vinyl coating, which makes them look a little more pleasing to the eye and also increases the durability. If you are looking for the good quality wallpaper, go for the vinyl-coated Ultrawalls home decor wallpaper. The best thing about these wallpapers is that they are washable. Unlike standard materials, they are resistant to water and hence you can clean them with a wet spongy and soap. These wallpaper materials are not just water-resistant, they are also known to be extremely rugged, are resistant to stains, and can be scrubbed easily. This is the reason why they are especially good for the kitchen decors. If it is the first time you are getting the wallpaper, it is best you start with this one instead of standard or for that matter any other expensive material. They are a little more expensive than standard wallpapers but still relatively cheaper.

Mylars and Foils: If you have a small room which barely gets any natural light or if you have to keep the windows and curtains closed to keep the dust from coming in, these wallpaper materials will truly be the best choice for you. However, to install them, you will need a wall surface which is almost in a perfect condition. The worn out wall or the wall with plaster coming off is not suitable for this home decor wall paper. If the wall is not perfect, its imperfections will get even more highlighted with these wallpapers.

Cloths-on-paper: If you are someone who likes rich and elaborate textures, then laminated these types of wallpapers with laminated paper backings are the best. They are really good in camouflaging the imperfections in the wall. But don’t forget that they are quite expensive and are not really easy to install.

Flocked Papers: If you are looking for something which has a suede or velvety nap finish to it, then you should go for the flocked wallpapers. Although they are easy to install, you will still need the help of an expert. Also, they are pretty expensive. However, they can make your room look beautiful like nothing else.