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Ultrawalls Non-Woven Wall Paper- The best your house can get

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Non-Woven Wall Papers have made huge advances in recent times and they are excellent and suitable for all kinds of homes. They are being touted to be the latest wallpaper technology available to us today. Not only they are extremely easy to install, they can easily removed when totally dry and causing no damage to the walls.

Being the latest trend of decorating homes, you cannot go wrong with the Non-Woven Wallpapers that can be installed and pasted whether you hire a professional or do it yourself.

Being made up of special blend of synthetic and natural fibers, they are washable and breathable. Such unique features make them lock the vapors to eliminate the breeding of mildew and molds and since they are breathable, they are good for kitchen and bathroom as well. The wall covering are also tear resistance which makes them highly Glamour Wallpapers and advantageous.

The Most User Friendly Wallpaper

Ultrawalls brings you the most exotic and vibrant collection of non woven wallpapers and Golden Leaf Printing Wallpaper that are unique in designing, structure with easy to implement and removing properties. Admirable as they are, they have become the hottest quality we have available with us today.

Our Golden Leaf Wallpaper neither contract nor expands and thus, they stick to their original wallpaper. You won’t need to book the wallpaper and let it relax. Just paste it to the walls and you are done! You will not find any problem or seams with our non woven wall covering. They are easier to work, and seams on the walls easily disappear as soon as they are pasted. In fact, you can also reposition it without damaging the wall or the wall cover.

Nonwoven Wallpapers Remove Easily

Such is their brilliance that they do not cause any damage to the walls on their removal. You can easily dissemble them while they are dry without using any special chemical or tools. Wallpaper will come out in full sheets and not tear or wear. Thus, reinstall it in some other area and reuse.

Wallpapers Are Packaged Either Pre-Pasted Or Un-Pasted

Apply water on the back side of the pre-pasted wallpaper. This will help to activate the adhesive for reinstallation. You can also use some light weight adhesive and then paste it to some other wall or place as per you needs. As professionals, we use a diluted wallpaper adhesive on pre-pasted wallpaper, and a clear non-staining adhesive on un-pasted wallpaper.

Repairing Nonwoven Wallpapers

Wallpaper damage repairs have never been this much easier. Just take out a piece of the extra wallpaper and match the pattern to the damaged wallpaper. Now cutout the wallpaper little larger than damaged area and paste it over it. Carefully match the pattern to avoid seams.

Repairing wallpaper damage to non woven wallpapers has never been easier. Simply take a piece of extra wallpaper and match the pattern of the damaged wallpaper. Cut the piece of wallpaper slightly larger than the damaged area. Remove excess wallpaper and position the new piece into the opening. Smooth and wash in place. Wallpaper repair has never been easier.

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