How To Fix Wallpaper


Tips to Give Your Wallpapers a New Lease of Life

The charismatic walls of your home tell a story. And the story is that your life has always been a symbol of perfection. You must’ve lost track of time admiring the majestic wallpapers on your walls. But, what if these wallpapers acquire dreary surfacing? There is no need t panic, as we’re here to suggest numerous remedies to regain that perfect look. These methods may seem trivial, but they hold huge importance. All you require is longing for flawless wallpapers, and we will be the guiding light. Read on to find out more.

Bid Adieu to Wallpapers Bubbles:

Now, this is something embarrassing. You got beautiful wallpapers, and small bubbles appeared all over the surface. You will be surprised to know that this is a fairly common problem. The presence of air pockets between the wallpaper and wall gives birth to such bubbles. Fortunately, there is a way out of the menace. These fixes employ simple tools and little efforts to get the job done.

Get the Right Instruments:

No, we are not planning a laboratory experiment. But, the right set of tools is indispensable to getting rid of these annoying bubbles. Get a sharp utility knife, which should be independent from dents or wreckage. If you’re dealing with a small bubble, a syringe-type applicator loaded with adhesive is required. A wallpaper seam roller will complete the list.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to battle out large bubbles, a small brush is needed. This brush will be utilized to apply the adhesive in this scenario.

Instructions to Fix Small Bubbles:

  • First, cut a tiny slit at the corner of the bubble. For patterned wallpapers, a v-shaped cut will do the job.
  • Now, employ the applicator to deposit a modest amount of adhesive on the wall.
  • Use the wallpaper seam roller to even the bubble lightly.
  • Run the roller a few times to ensure great results. Be gentle while doing so.
  • Finally, utilize the roller to throw out excessive glue via slit at the corner. You can use your hands or damp cloth to clean the remaining glue.

Many individuals try to use their hands to even out the bubble. But, we would advise you to employ seam roller for the task. Another caveat is that all the tools should be handled cautiously. The danger gets graver while handling knife.

Instructions to Fix Large Bubbles:

  • First, make an x-shaped cut at the heart of the bubble.
  • The next step is peeling of the wallpaper’s corners in a gentle manner. The intention is to open the bubble.
  • Now, lay glue on the side of wallpaper meeting the wall. Use a brush for best results.
  • Push back the stretched corners to reclaim their position. This will even out the surface.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the remaining glue, if there is any on the surface.

Instructions to fix Water-resistant Wallpapers:

  • Begin by moisturizing the bubble on the wallpaper. You can employ a wet sponge for better results.
  • Now repeat the typical cut and glue process tenderly.
  • Put mild pressure to even out the surface of the wallpaper.
  • Utilize damp cloth or sponge to eliminate excess adhesive.

Repair Curled Seams

The seams of your adorable wallpaper are susceptible to getting curled. If that’s the case with you as well, we have a solution for you. Have a look:

Instructions to Fix Curled Seams:

  • Damp the targeted region with the help of warm water.
  • Raise the corner in a gentle manner.
  • Now, place adhesive under the raised portion of the wallpaper. You can utilize a tooth pick or index card for the purpose.
  • Now, employ the seam roller to flatten the wallpaper.
  • Eliminate extra glue with damp cloth or tissue papers.

No More Peeling Borders

While no one can debate the aesthetic fineness of wallpapers, their peeling borders has always attracted criticism from all sides. Now, there’s an effective solution to deal with this problem. Have a look:


  • Place strong glue on the peeled corners of the wallpaper. Use an artist brush for better results.
  • Flatten the corner with the help of a seam roller.
  • Wipe out remaining glue.

Remember that your wallpaper is delicate in nature. So, always adopt a gentle approach. A hasty approach is certain do more harm than good. Spend some time understanding this process, and the final results will definitely bring more liveliness to your premises.

Fix Torn Wallpapers

If some parts of your wallpaper are torn, there is no need to completely replace it. Alternatively, mend the affected region. The method does not consume much time, and results have tended to be fairly satisfactory.


  • Completely remove the torn section of the wallpaper with your hands.
  • Put glue or any other adhesive on the emergent wall. Glue should not find its way to the paper.
  • Get a piece of paper of similar dimensions and texture. Put it on the targeted region.
  • Employ damp sponge to flatten the surface.

Once the process is completed, your wallpaper will receive a new lease of life. Remember that a careful analysis of the wallpaper could expose the torn region. Still, the average results have rarely drawn grievances. You can complete this process, with or without a professional help.

Seek Solace in Professional Help

If the dearth of time or desire to mend your wallpapers is panging your mind, take refuge in professional service providers. These expert service providers can stimulate your wallpapers through numerous techniques. Most importantly, a simple search on Internet can open the doors to such services. It should be noted that they have vast experience in dealing with such issues; so, you can trust them without any doubt.