Ultrawalls- latest home decoration wallpaper

Ultrawalls- latest home decoration wallpaper

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How to Spruce Up Your Living Space with Decorative Wallpapers

We all want to decorate our houses with objects and accessories that are latest and trendy. But why do we keep the walls dull and plain, when there is a wide range of decorative wallpapers available in the market? You can choose the latest home decoration wallpaper to add style and serene ambience to your living space.

This article is your complete guide to spruce up your home with decorative wallpapers. If you are thinking about using wallpapers in your home, you must consider the following things while making your choice.


Most people go for painting a room because they consider it to be cheaper and last longer. But the fact is that home wallpaper rates in Delhi are quite affordable and they can even have a longer life-span, provided you choose the right material and hung them properly.

Wallpaper certainly wins over painting when it comes to longevity. Moreover, it is a great solution for people who are not very keen on decorating their home every now or then. As wallpaper itself can be a decorative element in a room, an individual doesn’t have to make more efforts in that case.


There are so many different types of wallpapers to choose from. Here we have listed some popular ones that you may like for your home.


Made from natural and synthetic fibres, this is one of the most popular wallpapers among customers when it comes to styling up the walls. It is easy to apply due to its paste-to-the-wall technology. All you need to do is peel the back paper and paste it on the desired wall. They can also be removed as easily as pasted.

The good thing about this wallpaper is that it’s breathable and prevents moulds and mildew formation on the walls. Moreover, it is washable so you can easily clean it as per your convenience. Non-woven wallpaper is perfect for all areas of your abode.


Vinyl wallpaper is made out of a paper and a printed vinyl film on its top surface. Any wallpaper wholesaler in Delhi can provide you with vinyl wallpaper for your home. It is a cheaper alternative to tiles and considered best for high traffic areas of your house. Due to its water-resistant nature, it’s also ideal for the walls of your bathroom and kitchen.


Flock wallpaper was originally invented in the 17th Century to mimic cut velvet material. Compared to other wallpaper wholesale prices, flock wallpaper is on the high-end side, as it is popular among royals and filthy-rich customers. This wallpaper has 3D qualities that can add dimension to any room. Furthermore, motifs and different patterns on this wallpaper help to make a bold statement in a particular room while absorbing sound.


This stunning wallpaper was invented in 1877 by Frederick Walton and became popular among the Victorians. This was the first ever washable wallpaper that offers decorative quality and durability. This type of wallpaper is also good for heavy traffic areas in your house, such as hallways. This high durability wallpaper can reinforce your walls, as well as ceiling while disguising any imperfections.


When choosing wallpapers for your home, you’re likely to focus on the latest home decoration wallpaper price, their colour, pattern and texture to meet both your budget and style needs. Another important factor to keep in mind is that how a particular room looks and make you feel.

Choosing the right wallpaper can instantly uplift the overall look of the given space. The following are some trendy wallpaper designs to choose from:


Right wallpapers can brighten up a room and make you feel good. Subtle patterns are the ones that make you feel relaxed and adds airy feel into a living space. But if you want to create a warm and cosy appeal in a certain room, it is best to choose wallpapers with warmer tones on the colour pallet. Some warm tones with soft floral patterns can make your room more welcoming.


Before styling up a room, it is important to know what the purpose of a room is – whether it is a bedroom, study room, kid’s room, or living room. Depending on the role of a room or how you’re going to use it, you can decide what style would go well it that specific space. For instance, fun and bring patterns are perfect for bedrooms or kids’ room, whereas formal textures are suitable for a study room.


Floral wallpapers when teamed up with modern furniture help in creating a balanced look for your room. It not only looks aesthetic to the eyes but also creates a feeling of balance between statement-making floral designs and subtle contemporary furniture pieces.


If you want to give a slightly edgy vibe to your room, geometric wallpaper is the best. There are many geometric prints – from bold designs to Scandinavian-inspired chic patterns – to give delusional effect to a room.


Metallic wallpapers are perfect for hiding any imperfections on a wall and to create vivacious appeal in a room. Their reflective qualities are great for decorating a room with an additional layer of texture. These wallpapers are good for adding warm yet luxurious feel to a particular room.


  • Firstly, you need to get a sample before ordering wallpaper for your home. Just check how that sample looks on the walls.
  • Like paints, wallpapers can also look different in incandescent or natural light. So, a sample test is needed to see how it actually looks in a room.
  • You can choose wallpapers according to your current furniture design and your personal style.
  • Only go for wallpapers that fit your budget, you don’t have to break the bank for expensive wallpapers.
  • If you want to create spaciousness, go for wallpapers with small-scale patterns. Large-scale patterns are for making a room feel more intimate.

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