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Ultrawalls - Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become an easy, effective, and affordable way to decorate rooms. Added to their affordability is the ability to choose from thousands of colors, patterns, prints and what not! Kitchen wallpaper in particular, has started becoming more prominent in many households in India today!

With over 39 years of experience, we at Sonu Art have mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality wallpapers which have set the benchmark for the entire wall decoration industry. Our new brand of wallpapers offers the finest collection of world class wallpapers in the world, with the name Ultra Walls aptly suiting its persona.

We offer world class imported wallpapers for any decoration or renovation project. Our team of dedicated experts travels around the world in search of colors, designs, and patterns that can be infused into wallpapers that transform your home completely. We are industry leaders in curating and importing unique patterns and designs from world-renowned designers as well as international markets like China, Korea, and Germany.

Our wallpapers feature a wide range of home decoration and commercial designs and come with several additional features. We are experts in offering paintable, metallic, 3D deep embossed, handmade, washable and 4D wallpapers, with our washable wallpaper being a current favorite with homeowners in India.

Our exemplary service extends to over 70 cities across India. Our focus remains on attaining customer satisfaction by catering to the customer’s needs in terms of quality as well as costs. Our extended dealer network covers the whole of India, ensuring that our supply of wallpapers, including the most sought after washable wallpaper borders never runs out.

Washable wallpapers are increasingly popular owing to the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. Instead of replacing the existing wallpaper every few years, these washable wallpapers enable you to use the same design for the rooms by simply cleaning them on a regular basis. We have the widest range of washable wallpapers that can suit every room in the home and have become a one stop destination for anyone in India looking for washable wallpaper for kitchen.

So why would you want to buy wallpapers at Ultra Walls? Here are some reasons.

We offer trendy, fashionable, and sturdy designs that are eye catching. Our designs are up to date to make your home look like an artistic masterpiece.

You get what you opt for with Ultra Walls. We are dedicated to servicing your needs to the letter. If you are renovating the kitchen in your home and choose a wallpaper design for the room in our kitchen wallpaper catalog, expect to get exactly what you chose. There will be no change in the color, print or pattern of the wallpaper design delivered to your doorstep whatsoever, meaning you don’t get to compromise at any stage of the decoration/renovation project.

Our wallpapers are cleanable and well as durable and are made of the highest quality materials. This ensures that the wallpapers retain their color and brightness no matter how many times you clean it. The high quality of our wallpapers also allows them to withstand weather changes.

Never expect to get into a mess with our range of wallpapers. Our wallpapers are extremely easy to apply on the walls. A simple, easy to follow procedure is all it takes to have these wallpapers adorn and brighten the walls of your home. Easy installation means easy removal as well! Ultra Walls wallpapers are very easy to remove as well and can be easily removed without damaging the top coat or the wall surface.

We have gained an unmatched reputation in the Indian market for providing the widest range of customized wallpapers for different domestic and commercial needs. Our customization does not stop with altering the height and width of the wallpaper.

Ultra Walls also helps you choose various combinations when installing the wallpaper. These include covering an entire wall with wallpaper, covering all four walls of the room with the same wallpaper or different designs, covering half the wall with paint and the remaining half with wallpaper, or leaving the walls alone and covering the ceiling with wallpaper instead. Whatever be the case, we assure you of playing a vital role in transforming your house into your dream home with our stylish, customizable range of wallpapers.