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Modern Rustic Wallpaper

Ultra Walls are providers of a wide range of quality wallpapers, varying from modern rustic wallpaper to wallpaper with nature-inspired themes, to beatify your interiors. We cater to all types of interior spaces, ranging from personal to professional settings. Our professionals are well versed in all contemporary and traditional methods to make your walled space more meaningful and beautiful.

Variety of Styles, Shapes, and Sizes

Ultra Walls deals in a wide variety of wallpapers, varying across different styles and themes. Perfectly meet all your size, shape, theme, style, and other wallpaper requirements at Ultra Walls. We offer a wide range of wallpapers, including modern rustic wallpaper. We have been providers of quality wallpapers, in addition to our interior decoration and designing services, which we have been providing for over 40 years. Our clientele varies from businesses and organizations to individual homeowners and professionals. We strive to bring smile on the faces of those that spare a glance on spaces designed and decorated by us.

Comprehensive Interior Decoration and Designing Services

Ultra Walls offers fully customizable interior decoration and designing services to clients looking for quality space adornment. We believe that time is of the essence, and thus we provide a comprehensive range of interior decoration and designing services for immediate renovations, revamps, redecoration, and decoration plans. Choose from our wide variety of options to enjoy a fully customizable service that could meet all your requirements, well within the time limits.

Even when you are not sure about the task at hand, get quality advice from our professionals with several years of experience working in different commercial and residential settings to pick the most opportune option.

5 Essential Elements of Modern Rustic Home

The popularity of modern rustic decor is primarily due to the serenity and peace the particular interior decoration adds to a space. Any modern rustic space has 5 important qualities.

  • Raw Wood and Stone: Any space with the intended theme of modern rustic decor is incomplete without the use of raw wood and stone in interior designing. Structures made from raw wood and stone are a kind of trademark of modern rustic interior decoration scheme. Variety in raw wood and stone allows for choosing among a number of options
  • Simple Natural Fabric: Being natural is the heart of modern rustic decor. It is because modern rustic decoration plan is intended to reflect natural vibes in the concerned space.
  • With a View: Although many spaces following the modern rustic theme do not have a fantabulous window section for staring down on an amazing view, it is an important requirement for bringing modern rustic ambience to a space.
  • Modern Furniture and Amenities: Another important element of any opportune modern rustic space is the availability of appropriate modern furniture and other amenities.
  • Wallpaper: Yes, wallpapers complement the modern rustic decor. Spaces with either 1 or 2 qualities missing to follow the modern rustic theme plan can be transformed into one with the addition of one or more apt modern rustic wallpaper. We at Ultra Walls offer a wide variety of wallpapers to lift the aesthetics of any commercial or residential space.
  • Add premium wallpapers to your office and/or home walls to lift up the aesthetics and get a feel just more than a cabin/room made of brick and mortar. Ultra Walls is enhancing home décor and styles for over four decades now. We believe walls are way more than just the thing holding an edifice together

    Most Popular Wallpaper Styles at your Doorstep.

    At Ultra Walls, we offer a grand selection of wallpapers that you can add to your office or home décor, varying from Modern Rustic Wallpaper to 3D wallpaper. We deal in:


    Add 3D wallpapers available at Ultra Walls in a number of textures, designs, themes, and colour schemes. There is just so much variety in the 3D wallpapers that they can be used practically for any walled space in both residential and commercial decoration applications.


    Reinvent a featureless space with bold wallpapers. Add the modern navy paper to one or all 4 walls to create a bold pattern. It leaves a lasting impression on anyone who adores it for the very first time and later as well.


    Bring drama to your walls with dramatic wallpapers. Add playful colour and a daring design to completely transform a regular space into a spectacular one. Amaze your visitors with nature-inspired themes and colours


    Leave an enchanting impression on your visitors with any of the many enchanting wallpaper designs. Choose one of our several prints that can grow with your child. We have great combinations of a neutral background, a playful pattern, and a number of energetic colours.


    Interested in adding striking colours to your walls? Do so with handsome wallpapers. Make the first impression the last impression with a striking steel hue and colourful highlights. Couple it with some similar furniture setting.

    Modern Rustic

    Add a touch of simplicity with any modern rustic wallpaper to your walled space. These wallpapers are ideal for bringing a cheerful and relaxing smile on the face of anyone sparing a glace to have a look at them


    Choose wallpapers that will wow your guests in amazement and would bring a smile on their face. One popular variant is the combination of a pale blue paper accented with dazzling gold metallic florals.


    Appropriate for walls with no windows or doors, our variety of stunning wallpapers add a powerful impression on your wall. These wallpapers are available for a number of spaces, ranging from bathrooms to living rooms.


    There are several delicate shades of jade, graphite, pale blue, etc. for adding a subtle look to your walls and your commercial or home space. Compliment it with any neutral furniture setting to amplify the subtleness of the walled space.


    Turn any room into a place of serenity and calmness with tranquil wallpapers. Use it for halls and spaces where your do exercise or add it to a bedroom to bring in the peace and harmony


    Add the casual vibe to your kitchen or main room with a cheery and unique design. Ultra Walls offer a wide variety of whimsical wallpapers. Couple them with an opportune room accent to have a soothing and relaxing feel.


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