Basic Wallpaper Pre-Installation Tips


If it is the first time you are getting the wallpaper installed in your house, you may be a little nervous. You will want to make sure that everything goes fine. Here are some tips which can really help you.

  • Order all the wallpaper for a particular type you need in a particular room or house. Even the same wallpapers from the same lot can vary in colour shades. Even if the colour is one shade different from the one you have already installed, the result will be quite conspicuous. By ordering all the wallpaper at one go, you will ensure that the colour shade is the same for all. Even if the difference is minimal, it will be noticeable when you will put the wallpapers side by side. Especially if you are ordering the wall paper wood effect you will get to see the difference.
  • Before you hang the wallpaper, it will be a good idea to add a layer of lightweight lining paper. The extra lining will ensure that the wallpaper doesn’t crease or get stretched at the time of the installation. The paste also gets dried faster with the paper lining. Additionally, if this is the first time you are installing the wallpaper, adding the extra lining will give you a god experience. The imperfection will not be noticeable and you will know where you went wrong so that you can make it right while hanging the wallpaper.
  • If you are putting the wallpaper over a dark wall then it will be a good idea to apply a thin strip of light coloured paint that runs along the top of the wall. By doing so, even if you are not able to align the wallpaper properly, the misalignment will not get noticed.
  • Before you get started, make sure that you have all the required tools and accessories right with you. You will need a lot of things handy at the time of the installation. If you don’t keep all the things together at the time of installation, you may face inconvenience. For instance, when the wallpaper is hung midway and you are in need of a tool, leaving it may result in even the pasted wallpaper coming off the wall.
  • The table on which you have laid the wallpaper before installation should be covered with a plastic tablecloth. Many people use the newspaper for this purpose. However, when the newspaper gets wet, the ink from it can stain the wallpaper.
  • Sometimes the walls are not at the perfect right angles. If that is the case, the wallpaper alignment will also not be perfect. Before installing the wallpaper, take the proper measurement of the angles as well. You will need to make the plumb line which will let you measure the paper alignment. This in turn will ensure that the wallpaper is perfectly aligned along the edges.
  • Sometimes the wallpaper gets dried at the time of booking. To ensure that this does not happen, keep them in a big plastic bag.

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