Wallpaper Importers Bahadaurgarh

Wallpaper Importers Bahadaurgarh

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Wallpaper Importers Bahadaurgarh

Wallpaper is the trendiest way to spruce up your home decor. Whether you want just a statement wall or to transform your entire room, wallpaper is the answer to all your doubts while revamping your home. But with the abundance of wallpaper design options – from textured to metallic, muted to vibrant colours, patterned to plain and monochrome to holographic – it is very difficult to know where to begin.

Ultawalls is your best companion when it comes to choosing the right design and right material for your wallpaper. Being the top-notch wallpaper importers in Bahadurgarh, we expertise in adding a whimsical touch to your home by using our high-quality and durable wallpapers.

Tips for selecting wallpaper design:

  1. If you want to widen up a room or make your ceiling appear shorter, wallpaper with horizontal stripes is the best option.
  2. In case you want to add some volume to your room while making the ceiling appear higher, wallpaper with vertical stripes is just right for you.
  3. Light-coloured wallpaper will make your room appear larger while dark wallpaper does the opposite.
  4. Wallpaper with large patterns can make your room look smaller, so it is suitable only for creating one statement wall in a larger room.

How do we help you find the right wallpaper?

Measurement: Our expert team firstly ensures all the measurements of your walls are done correctly. For this, we multiply the height of each wall by the width in feet. Furthermore, we add wall measurements to get it in the total square footage. After that, we examine roll label for cutting it as per the wall measurements.

Pick Your Material: We help you in picking the right type of wallpaper material – paper or vinyl. Paper wallpapers come in various designs but you need to be careful while cleaning them. There are two types of vinyl wallpapers. One is vinyl-coated wallpaper that can be sponge cleaned with soapy water. Another one is solid vinyl wallpaper, which is completely waterproof and good for bathrooms and kitchens.

Find the Right Design: Bold wallpaper designs are eye-catching and good for making a statement for the homeowner who likes the walls to be presented as art. However, these designs are likely to become outdated over time. On the other hand, subtle wallpaper designs are less likely to clash with furnishing patterns and create the more refined look. Besides, textured wallpapers are good for hiding imperfections on wall surfaces.

Why choose us?

  1. We are well-known wallpaper importers in Bahadurgarh, offering trendy and sturdy designs to our customers for years.
  2. We offer you high-end and durable wallpapers that last for years to come. You can put all your trust in us when it comes to buying the reliable and durable products.
  3. Our exclusive range of wallpapers offers easy installation and removal with simple procedures without damaging your wall surfaces.
  4. We offer custom size options to our customers. You can purchase wallpaper rolls in custom size measurement according to your walls. This way there will be no money wastage that usually happens in standard size purchases.
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