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A Comprehensive Guide to Wallpaper Maintenance and Stain Removal

Want to clean and maintain your precious children palace wallpaper on your own but don’t know how to do it? Just like choosing the right wallpaper importers Bhopal depends on understanding your requirements and the variety of options available in the market, cleaning and maintaining wallpapers is possible without the need for any professional assistance wallpaper supplier Bhopal.

Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of wallpapers are important to keep them looking good on your walls for several years to come. The article is divided into two sections, how to remove dirt and dust effectively and how to remove stains. By the end of the article, you’ll able to accomplish the wallpaper cleaning task on your own. So, let’s begin with the dust and dirt removal task.

Dust and Dirt Removal

Dust and dirt removal is an important part of wallpaper upkeep. It is an easy way to ensure that your wallpapers stay in the right shape and look elegant. Here’s how to do the task step by step:

  • Use a brush to loosen dirt and dust. Start working from the top and towards the bottom of the ecosystem wallpaper Bhopal
  • Add some dish liquid detergent in a bucket of water enough to create bubbles when the water is agitated
  • Take a sponge and soak it in the prepared solution
  • Use the sponge to damp the wallpaper along the seams (Note: While working with the wallpaper seams, always work your way from bottom to the top. This helps in minimizing drips and streaks)
  • Now, take a piece of clean cloth or some towel and dry the area drenched by the sponge before moving to the next section of the wallpaper

Stain Removal

Different kinds of wallpaper, including Camee wallpaper Bhopal, stains demand different solutions. Here are some of the most frequent wallpaper stains and how to remove them:

  • Coffee/Wine - It’s best to remove coffee, wine or beverage stains before they set. Mix water and a mild dish liquid detergent to prepare the cleaning solution. You need to gently rub the area containing the stain(s) several times until it is completely removed.
  • Crayon - You need to sprinkle some baking soda on a piece of clean cloth or sponge and then use the same for gently wiping the stain from the wallpaper. For stubborn crayon stains, you might want to do a second scrub using a mild detergent.
  • Grease - You need to prepare a cornstarch paste to remove grease stains from your wallpapers. Cornstarch paste is prepared by mixing water and cornstarch. Apply the cornstarch paste to the affected area and let it run dry. Remove the dried out cornstarch using a brush or vacuum later.
  • Ink - Prepare baking soda paste and apply it to a damp cloth or sponge. Rub the same gently on the wallpaper area with ink stain(s).
  • Mildew and Mould - You need to deal with mould and mildew stains as soon as you spot them. A solution of water and white vinegar is effective for dealing with such kind of stains. Prepare the solution and fill it in a spray bottle or sprayer. Damp a sponge with the solution and gently rub it on the affected area along the seams. Wipe it dry each time before rubbing the sponge again. Repeat the process until the stains are completely removed.

These stain removal methods are effective for any kind of wallpaper, ranging from choice wallpaper importers Bhopal to children palace wallpaper.

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